Project Description
      The nominated applicant is awarded the Provincial Nomination Certificate. The Ontario Provincial Nominee can accept 2,500 applications each year. Employer-sponsored migration is employer-led, which means that as an individual, you can only apply once your employer's application is reviewed and approved. Once approved, the Ontario Nominee Office will provide your employer with a set of candidate application materials to be forwarded to you. All applications will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and assessed according to the criteria of the program. Due to the limited number of places, employers are encouraged to apply early so as to obtain the quota they need

Advantages of employer - sponsored migration program
The application is divided into two steps:
1. Employers: The employer is required to apply to the Ontario PNP for approval of the position. If approved, a full set of application materials will be received.
2. Applicant: The Employer forwards the full set of application materials to the Applicant, which is completed as required and is submitted to the Ontario PNP in conjunction with supporting materials (and certified translations) and the application fee. Applicants are not required to provide language grades
3. If the applicant is nominated by Ontario, he / she may apply for the spouse and / or his or her family. While awaiting an immigrant visa, the Ontario government can also help you obtain a temporary work permit to stay legally in Ontario.

Application conditions
1. Applicants who have received a job offer after graduation or graduation may apply for Ontario nominated immigrants. Applicants must meet the following conditions:
· At least half of the applicants are completed at a Canadian public institution and have successfully graduated or are about to graduate from an accredited Canadian public college or university;
· Applicants must complete at least two years of full-time specialist or undergraduate education in Canada without an overseas degree;
· Applicants must complete at least one full-time master's degree or postgraduate diploma program in Canada if they have an overseas degree.
? The positions obtained must meet the professional requirements of NOC O, A and B, but not necessarily the occupations to which they relate;
· The job must be full-time, permanent and meet the salary requirements of the job;
· Have legal status in Canada;
? Applicants must apply within two years of graduation and the last semester prior to completion of their studies. The latter is required to provide a transcript indicating that they can graduate as scheduled.
2. In June 2010, Ontario launched the International Masters Graduate Stream Provincial Nominee Program. Applicants must meet the following criteria:
· Have an intention to work in Ontario;
· Achieving a postgraduate degree in a public university in Ontario;
At least one year full - time master 's degree education;
? Applicants must apply within two years of graduation or the last semester prior to completion of their studies. The latter must provide transcripts indicating that they can graduate as scheduled;
· Applicants now reside in Ontario;
· Applicants are legally valid during the application period and may hold work permits, academic certificates or temporary residence permits.
· Meet the language requirements, meet the English IELTS G class test to listen, speak, read and write each of not less than 6 points, or French to meet the TEF test at least 5 points;
? Provide the minimum required proof of funding (generally, a proof of funding for one year of life is required to prove that a person satisfies $ 11931 or more);
· Proof of living in Ontario for at least one year, two years prior to filing the application;
· There is no plan to pursue further studies (such as obtaining a different degree or pursuing a doctorate, but you may choose to pursue further study if you wish to meet the needs of your career registration).
3. The International PhD Graduate program in Ontario requires applicants to meet the following criteria:
· The applicant obtains a Ph.D. from a qualified public university in Ontario;
· Applicants have successfully completed all the items required by their doctoral degrees;
· The duration of a Ph.D. is not to be less than 2 years;
· Applicants must apply for immigration within 2 years of their degree.
· Applicants must maintain their legal status during the application period;
· No language score required.

Relocate the family
The following family members may be granted a residence permit along with the applicant:
1. Applicant's spouse;
Minor children

The government charges a fee
1. Ontario PNP Application Fee - International Student: $ 1,500;
2. Federal application fee: $ 550 for main application; $ 550 for spouse and $ 150 for children under 19 years of age. The new immigrant registration fee will be paid by the Federal Examiner before the visa is granted. The principal applicant and spouse will each pay $ 490 each.




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