ontario immigration nominee program,Referred to as


Ontario investment immigration policy 3 highlights:

1, the minimum amount of investment significantly reduced, Ontario, 500,000 Canadian dollars from the investment; (Ontario enterprises 1 million Canadian dollars)

2, migrant workers after the first sign

3, the language can come to learn


Applicants are required to obtain a two-year work permit to support the implementation of business plans, while improving language skills, applicants as long as the application to nominate to the extent of CLB5.


Ontario Entrepreneur Immigration:

1, if the enterprise can promote economic development in Ontario, then entrepreneurs can apply for short-term work sign, in order to obtain permanent resident status.

2, each title to invest at least 500,000 Canadian dollars to buy or set up enterprises, based on investment in different areas and areas;

3, each title of at least 80 to 1.5 million Canadian dollars net assets, according to the investment area and different areas;

4, if necessary, a partner of the entrepreneur can also mention the people; (that is, on behalf of a partner)

5. The entrepreneur / partner needs to meet the minimum standards (including language) of the program within two years before nominating a permanent resident.

6, to Canadian citizens or permanent residents to create at least 2 full-time jobs
In this case,


Company Investment Immigration:

1, to invest in Ontario existing business or start-up at least 5 million Canadian dollars;

2, nominated employees should currently serve in the company, and Ontario business development is critical;

3. Each nomination is required to create at least five full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents;

4, in the nomination of permanent residents, the nominated staff should be within two years to reach the minimum requirements;

(A few can be a few people co-operation for this project)



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