Canadian Experience Class


Project Description

       CEC, full name is, Canadian Experience Class, that is, the experience of immigrants in Canada. It has the following four characteristics:

       First, to adapt to the object is already in Canada, students and workers to sign students. In the past, the Canadian category of skilled migration was also applied to international students, but the international students were also treated as ordinary skilled migrants. They were also graded, educated, linguistic, work experience, age, work arrangement and adaptability. Points, 67 points pass. Now, with CEC, a special category has been set up for international students. It is different from skilled migrants. It is no longer a total of six items. It is a separate line. In particular, it is not a student who draws a line and a strict red line. This is equivalent to the privilege of immigrant students. It should be noted that these students must be studying for at least two years.

       Second, students must take part in one year after graduation professional work. In Canada, there were originally job categories, O, A, B, which are skilled migrants, called management, professional and technical professions and skills. In these three categories of jobs within the workers, in order to skilled migrants. Foreign students are also, and still adhere to this point. However, starting in April 2009, Canada has introduced a new policy of extremely open student visa, as long as the study period is more than two years, a graduate can apply to 3 years of OWP (Open Work Permit) First found with the professional work consistent with the study, but also without any employer letter, which greatly increased the buffer time, students can go to society after the first adaptation, and then do professional work. This new job signing policy, combined with the CEC immigration policy, students within three years as long as a year to dry professional work, you can apply for the experience of class immigrants, the work of both immigrants and immigrants to give preferential treatment.

      Third, the students must have a basic student visa language basis. Corresponding to Class O Class A duties, the language requirements are at least two IELTS 7 two 5, the corresponding B class positions, language requirements are at least four IELTS 5.

       Fourth, accelerate the process of immigration approval. Technical immigration, especially in the domestic application, often to two or three years or even longer to grant the next. CEC, only within six months can be approved under.

For people

Applicable People - Graduates or fresh graduates who immigrate to Canada through CEC

Project Benefits

 High success rate: Canada Immigration Department in September last year, the new Canadian Experience category (Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration applications, greatly welcomed by Chinese students, nearly half of the applicants for Chinese students. CEC is currently very high success rate, the rejection rate is only about 4%, is the lowest of all immigrant categories.
      Adequate quotas: the Department of Immigration in the introduction of the new plan, initially hoped to attract 12,000 CEC immigrants a year, then reduce the target of 5,000-7500 people, but in the nine months after the implementation of only received less than 2,000 applications , While the figures for January-May 22, 2011 were calculated. The total number of applicants was only 1128, less than one quarter of the minimum target for the whole year.
      Fast: Karen Shadd, a Ottawa spokesman for the Department of Immigration, points out that the average processing time for the current Canadian experience category is 3-6 months, and even if the number of applicants increases, the authorities estimate that the processing time will be within 12 months, From the general technical immigration applications to be much faster. She said that as more international students and work visa recipients learned that CEC was a quick way to qualify for permanent residency, the number of applicants would increase.

Application conditions

1. One year of Canadian work experience, job title and content in line with Canadian immigration requirements NOA (0 / A / B)

2. IELTS to the Government's relative requirements

Relocate the family

The following family members may be granted a residence permit along with the applicant:

1. Applicant's spouse;;

2. Applicant's children;

The government charges a fee

1. Federal Immigration Office application fee: 550 Canadian dollars (main and deputy applicant)

2. Immigration Board Landing Fee: CAD 490 CAD / person






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