The Canadian Express Entry System has two features:

Simple application conditions, fast trial time。

Canada Express Entry is a selection system for Federal Skilled Migration (FSW), Skilled Worker Migration (FST), Canadian Experience Migration (CEC), and more. Candidates are required to obtain a permanent resident status within six months as soon as they are invited to apply for immigration.
- Not everyone can enter the EE: Express Entry system, in line with technology (FSW), craftsmen (FST), experience (CEC) of the applicant to enter the EE.
- EE does not change the original visa category application conditions, but not according to the original project rating criteria to sort, but in accordance with the CRS system sorting, according to the scores of high and low order to wait Invitation to Apply
(ITA), the equivalent of double filtering.
Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) evaluation system for high academic qualifications, light age, good English applicants, 2015 Canadian skilled migrants temporarily lifted the occupation limit, as long as English is good then no matter what job can apply for age is not dominant Applicants, IELTS good the same great opportunity. For those who do not score well in EE, it is also possible to nominate immigrants if they have a good career.
Submission of Canadian EE is free, a qualified EE will be retained in the system for 1 year, expired only to re-submit.

  What is the process and cycle for applying Express Entry?

  Express Entry Step 1: Enter the EE application pool

The EE program for the Canadian skilled migrants includes federal independent skilled migrants, federal emigrants and federal skilled migrants. The latter two types of immigrants do not require a self-assessment scale and can be submitted directly to the Federal Immigration Service. Anyone who wishes to migrate through the fast track must first meet one of the following three items:
- Technical (FSW): IELTS 4 6, 67 points, at least a year 0, A, B class professional work experience;
(FST): 5, 3.5, 4, 1 year Employers offer or hold a certificate of professional skills from the provincial government of Canada with 2 years of FST experience in the last 5 years;
- Experience (CEC): 1 year in Canada in the last 3 years. 0, A, B professional work experience, B class IELTS read 4 other 5,0, A class 4 4 (CLB7).
Once the applicant meets one of these three items, he / she can enter his / her own information into the MyCIC account (Note 1), submit the EE online, register the Job Bank, and wait for the USCIS invitation.
Note 1: Information needed to create an EE account: 1 - Identity 2 - Contact 3 - Education 4 - Work Experience 5 - Language 6 - Family Information
Note 2: Job Bank is an online job search tool, according to the applicant to fill out the personal information, the system will automatically provide you with the appropriate employer and work. Applicants must register for a Job Bank, unless they have already received a Job Offer or a Provincial nomination. If the applicant does not register Job Bank within 30 days after the EE is submitted, the applicant's EE will expire. Register the Job Bank URL link.
          Express Entry Step 2: Apply for employer offer or province nomination (not required)
If the score is low can be considered by the Canadian employer or EE under the provincial nomination plus 600 points, once the applicant received the bonus, basically in about a month to receive the Federal Invitation to EE, the current overseas application People take the province to nominate EE projects are:
Nova Scotia nominates Express Entry (open January 2016)
Saskatchewan nominated Express Entry (500 quotas for the first time on 4 January 2016)
Ontario-nominated Express Entry (EE-CRS score of 400 or more may be invited)
          Step 3: Immigration invites immigration
Applicants can obtain an Immigration Invitation (ITA) from the USCIS when the number of points invited by the USCIS covers the applicant's score.
           Step 4: The applicant submits the formal application for immigration
Applicants are invited to apply for immigration before they can submit a formal application for immigration, this time
- If the applicant has a work permit in Canada, he / she may apply for a bridge sign (if such conditions are not met prior to the invitation);
- If you refuse to sign, you can appeal (not to receive an invitation to apply before the immigration can not appeal);
- The Department of Immigration undertakes to complete the trial within 6 months (from the date of submission).

  EE Cycle:

Invitation cycle is based on the applicant to submit EE time, and the level of the decision score.
EE after the New Deal, the applicant will be dealt with quickly after the invitation, about six months to close, this is the meaning of Express Entry. But when to be invited is in fact the core factor that determines the overall cycle, but also uncertainties.
- If an EE applicant has an employer or provincial nominee of 600 points, the applicant can get an invitation within one month of submitting the application. The applicant will have an average cycle of six months, which is very fast (there is no consideration of waiting for the employer Employer approval and application for provincial nomination time, plus the average period of about 1 year or so).
- There are no employers or provincial nominees for EE applicants. They do not have the time to apply for an employer or provincial nomination. IELTS and ECA (1-2 months on average) can submit EE requests directly. The key to getting the invitation is to see their scores in the Express Entry system and the number of invitations in each case. On the condition may be 1-2 months to get the invitation to the general conditions may be 6 months 8 months or even 10 months, the conditions may be even worse 1 year EE expires after the invitation can not be re-submitted only EE Wait for the invitation again

  How to improve EE success rate

- early submission, the same score as early as who who invited (the same scores of people still a lot);
- Continuously improve IELTS, before the ITA can continuously update the EE system, EE IELTS is a single extra points, individual 0.5 can enhance competitiveness.
2016 Canadian skilled migrants Express Entry quota substantially reduced
2016 Canada plans to receive 300,000 new immigrants, more than the calendar year, including refugees and couples reunion immigration quotas increased, a significant reduction in skilled migrant quota; 2016 Canada is expected to modify the EE scoring system is conducive to citizens and permanent residents of brothers and sisters Apply for Canadian Immigration. Skilled immigrant applicants need to plan early.
In 2016 Canada's newest immigration policy overturned the immigration minister's immigration policy, including the accompanying children age restrictions, naturalization requirements, couples reunion immigration waiting time limit; 2016 Canada will accelerate the speed of reunion immigration trial.




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