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Maple Commodities Exchange Merchants announcement
  Micro-mall now has become a new social development trend, to achieve direct communication with users, interaction, maintenance, such as micro-business network sales model, whether outbound tourism, or homes, just carry a mobile phone, You can enjoy a convenient shopping experience!
Maple Commodities investment requirements
  Maple Commodities Department will be officially announced conditions for entry, in order to better understand the merchant maple goods exchange, and fully prepared to settle the information.
1, must be the factory (no docking any agent);
2, five certificates complete [business license, tax registration certificate (tax, land tax), trademark registration, quality inspection report, the organization code certification];
3, the need to have a regular page image (similar to the product of the day cat or Jingdong picture)
(A) to comply with the laws of the host country, engaged in legitimate trade and there is no bad or violation of laws and regulations of the legal records of the legal person, organization and nature;
(B) the sale of goods provided in accordance with relevant state regulations prohibit the sale of illegal and against the interests of consumers of substandard goods;
(C) the business contract information in the contract of authenticity, completeness and legitimacy to provide a guarantee responsibility;
(D) in accordance with the contract entered Fenglei micro-mall contract requirements, the effective implementation of the so-called signing of the terms of the obligations of recognition.
Maple Commodities Exchange Merchants Product Type:
    Food, clothing, razors, home appliances, digital, beauty, maternal and child products, bags, jewelry and so on.
Maple Commodities Merchants Contact:
  If your merchandise has the above investment requirements, then you will be the investment requirements of the company information and product images sent to the company's investment department of the docking mail,
Attached to your contact information, a company with the Ministry of Merchants and the Ministry of the initial review by the market, will promptly contact you.
In this case,
China Merchants Department Received E-mail: info@welemedia.com
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