Three-Level distribution

Three-Level distribution model Description:

1. As long as you apply directly to become a】 【Feng goods distributors, gently point can be generated exclusively in the "own mall", and then you】 【Commodities in the exchange of goods can get commissions commission.

2. If you buy goods in the】 【Maple goods feel good, you can】 【Maple Commodities Department of the WeChat to promote the public [] or two-dimensional distribution code】 【Maple Commodity Link to recommend your friends Or friends circle, as long as they are concerned about the [WeChat] [micro-credit public goods into the maple goods exchange】 【apply to become a distributor, the system will automatically lock her for your subordinates. If your buddy is buying a product in [Maple], you and her have a commission. She can also link her to a friend or a friend's circle, and her friends in the mall to buy goods, her friends, you and your friends have commission commission.

3. Click the lower distributor chain development at all levels [distributors] Any number of national laws multilevel distribution of profits can only have three. 【Maple】 Department of the system will automatically lock the background distribution chain three, so [maple goods exchange] is completely safe and legal multi-level distribution platform, we only use innovative business model interpretation 【】.

With the quality and service to establish trust, with a new interpretation of the model Bao Cheng Mall!

Three-Level distribution model example:

Distributor: ABCD ......

1. If you are A, you buy goods from 1,000 yuan [maple] Collection mall where you can get a commission 130 yuan (13%).

2. If you are A, you develop a B, B buy commodities from 1,000 yuan [Mall] Collection Maple Lane, then B can get commission 130 yuan (13%), as a parent you can get a commission of B 100yuan (10%).

3. If the development of C B, C 1,000 yuan of goods purchased from the Collection Mall] [Maple Lane, then C can get commission 130 yuan (13%), B as C superiors can get commission 100 yuan(10%) , a B as the parent can get the commission 70 yuan (7%).

4. If the development of the D C, D purchased from the Collection Mall] [Maple Lane $ 1000, then D can get commission 130 yuan (13%), C D as a parent can get the commission 100 yuan (10%), Bas C superiors can get commission 70 (7%), a is no commission.

Note: Some products are in accordance with the profit PV share commission.

Three distribution mode protection:

1. Your friends as long as your WeChat through the public [] to promote the distribution of two-dimensional code】 【Note】 【Maple Commodity Exchange mall or through the link】 【mall application to become a distributor, the system will permanently lock you into your subordinate distribution Quot;

2. We take three rebate policy, precision lock every potential customer, each of our goods have come up with 30% of the profits, so that distributors are layers of benefit.

3. You only need to open your own [my commission], you will be able to clearly know the number of individual sub-distributors and trading order details.

4. We customize the commission settlement system for you, each order through the system to confirm, the commission automatically assigned to your binding payment account, you need to issue 【apply for cash】, your commission on the order proceeds, the system will automatically transfer To your personal account.

How to make money fast?

In this universal micro-mobile Internet era, whether you have annoyed friends circle full screen ads, but also envy them to have their own money to micro-shop! Have you ever had a dream and suffer no derivative time and money to achieve, with the "micro-distribution" pace, three minutes to teach you Fun micro-marketing, a "maple products Huida man" easily make millions!Please read the following text carefully, learning new 2015 derivative mode: "fission chain" marketing model

1, simple and fast to become a dealer

The first "chain fission" marketing features, to achieve sharing, purchase, payment, distribution, statistics and other powerful integrated distribution system, do not shop, as long as concerned about the purchase of any product, you can become Maple Suppliers) ", get your exclusive promotion of two-dimensional code (after the purchase, in a custom menu: service → I get promotional link or image), your friends through your exclusive two-dimensional code to make a purchase, you can get 10% Direct dividends! Sitting so money is so simple, from making money continuously.

2, fission-type development of goods dealers, would like to block stopped

Chain fission patterns, detonated social networking, rapid fission development "dealers." "Dealer" In addition to their own two-dimensional code points infrared, friends once your attention through the two-dimensional code, "Feng Commodities Meeting", life tied into your next home, other people through his two-dimensional code to buy you You can get 7% indirect benefit-!

3, make good use of a circle of friends, the money earned together

Let employees, customers, friends are recommended and sell your products, a huge circle of friends, trusted word of mouth recommendation, brand exposure and sales transactions to promote each other, the transaction will be able to commission. No matter who you are under the home, it does not matter, you make money and your next home only has a relationship, that is your next home you earn more.

4, more ways to open up your customer channels

In addition to the use of micro-channel circle of friends, you can put your unique two-dimensional code image through QQ, QQ group, community forums, paste it, in any way QQ space, watercress, websites and other published to anything you can imagine a place, and as long as the call Users sweep your two-dimensional code sweep, to purchase, you can easily make money! Now I come to calculate for you:

Suppose you have only 30 promotion customers!

Each person has hundreds of contacts in the micro-channel micro-channel friend, also sell goods, to see how we are marketing, we just assume that you're promoting a customers every day,and a month is down 30 clients:

A Member: 30 yuan = 30,000 yuan * 1000 * 13% = 3900 yuan rebate

Two members: your 30 customers per person is equivalent to 30 to promote 900 yuan = 900,000 yuan * 1000 * 10% = 90,000 yuan rebate

Three members: the promotion of 30 900 customers per person is equivalent to 27,000 yuan = 27 million yuan * 1000 * 7% = 1.89 million yuan rebate

+90000 Yuan 3900 yuan yuan = 1,983,900 yuan +1890000

So now doing, from start to finish you did not spend a penny, you only recommendation products to close friends, you will get a monthly income of more than 1.98 million yuan! Of course, this is a particularly ideal state, but you do not have to spend a penny is possible to use their spare time to earn their own travel costs Why not!

Our platform is fully in line with Tencent official requirements, that is, product quality, low prices, commission rebates, good service, timely delivery, commission clearing quickly and accurately, welcome to join the maple goods exchange, experience new micro-business, and seek common development! If you advertise more friends, the monthly income of tens of thousands will no longer be a dream, if you see here agree with us, you can immediately buy to become a dealer, can also open the sleep mode to make money! .




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