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Welly Group is a world-class Internet technology and media group company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ontario is the most developed province in Canada, and the most important industrial province, controling of the country's economic and political lifeline. Welly Group in accordance with the international "Internet +" Internet of Things developed status and trends, insight into the global mobile Internet economic pulse, to create an internationally competitive large-scale comprehensive business group, the Group of Welly era, the world of things business philosophy, Covering a number of countries and regions worldwide integration of resources, while the international management of the operating experience and advanced development concepts.

Welly Group is supported by mobile Internet media, relying on a large global mobile Internet user group, providing a full range of mobile Internet of Things value-added services through mobile apps and portals. At the same time creating the best Internet of Things cross-border Welly Station and WeChat public services for partners WeChat account and WeChat subscription account will soon realize Welly community services and carry out Welly global development.


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